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Pére David's Deer Pictures

Here is our collection of Pére David's deer pictures. We love Pére David's deer photos and we are going to increase the number of Pére David's deer pictures in this section as soon as possible. Feel free to download any of the deer pictures for your personal use. Here is a bit of information on the Pére David's Deer.

Pére David's Deer have a fascinating and unusual history, becoming extinct in the wild in their native home, but being saved due to captive breeding by a British Aristocrat. The Pére David's Deer was discovered by western science in 1865. The Jesuit Priest and famous French biologist, Armand David, was visiting China, and heard about an unusual animal kept in the Emperors private garden known as the Forbidden Palace, to which there was no access. He bribed some guards and was able to study the animals, which he thought was a type of Reindeer and which subsequently were named after him. These animals had already become extinct in there natural home in the wild, and only survived in the emperors private collection. Some years later the Chinese Emperor gave a small number of the deer as a present to France, Germany and Britain. Although the deer in France and Germany soon died out, the British animals fell into the hands of the Duke of Bedford, who kept the animals on his Woburn estate. Here the animals thrived and a successful herd remains to the present day. However, the animals did not fare so well in there native home, becoming extinct in the Forbidden Palace in 1939. Other herds were established using animals from the Woburn herd, and now Pére David's Deer are a common zoo and park animal. Some have been returned to China.