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Northern Pudu Deer Pictures

Here is our collection of Northern Pudu deer pictures. We will do our best to make this collection larger as the months go by. Feel free to download any of the Northern Pudu deer pictures for your personal use. Here is a bit of information on the Northern Pudu Deer.

The Northern Pudu is a small species of deer, only slightly larger than the Southern Pudu. It has a small rounded body, thin delicate legs, and short spike like antlers. The coat is dark brown in colour, and is thick and dense, offering good protection from the harsh elements of the habitat in which it lives. The ears are small and rounded, and the tail is short. The pre-orbital glands are small. The antlers are only short simple spikes. There are two species of Pudu, the Northern Pudu is smaller than the Southern species and it lives in different habitats than its southern counterpart.