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Mule Deer Pictures

Here is our collection of Mule deer pictures. We love mule deer photos and we are going to increase the number of Mule deer pictures in this section as soon as we are able. Feel free to download any of the Mule deer pictures for your personal use. Here is a bit of information on the Mule Deer.

There are 2 major subspecies: the Mule Deer, with tail white above, tipped with black; and the Black-tailed Deer, with tail black or brown above.

The Cervidae Family includes deer and their allies, including moose, elk, and caribou. Member of this family occupy a wide range of habitats, from arctic tundras to tropical forests, and can be found over most of the world. All have slender legs. Most are brown or gray in color, with white spots characterizing the young, and in a few species, the adults. In all but one genus of cervids, at least the males have antlers.

Mule deer are popular among deer hunters. For mule deer trophies and hunting stories click on the links in our menu on the left.