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Kuhl's Deer Pictures

Here is our collection of Kuhl's deer pictures. This collection is going to get larger as the months go by. We love photos and we are going to increase the number of Kuhl's deer pictures in this section as soon as we are able. Feel free to download any of the Kuhl's deer pictures for your personal use. Here is a bit of information on the Kuhl's Deer.

The Bawean or Kuhl's deer is very similar to the Hog Deer. Many scientists consider it to be a subspecies of the Hog Deer rather than a separate species in its own right. The main difference between it and the Hog Deer are that it has a smaller head and that the legs are shorter in length. It has a dark brown coat, and white markings underneath its chin and throat. The tail is long and bushy with a white underside. The antlers are similar to those seen in the Hog Deer having three tines, but do not grow as long. They are found only on the Indonesian island of Bawean where they have only a small population. They are threatened because of habitat loss, they forests they live in are disappearing to make way for new farms.