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Indian Sambar Deer Pictures

Here is our collection of Indian Sambar deer pictures. This collection is going to get larger as the months go by. We love photos and we are going to increase the number of Indian Sambar deer pictures in this section as soon as we are able. Feel free to download any of the Indian Sambar deer pictures for your personal use. Here is a bit of information on the Indian Sambar Deer.

The Indian Sambar is a strongly built and large species of deer. Males are larger than the females. The coat is long and thick, and in colour is a dark brown. Males have a thick mane of hair around the neck. The antlers are especially impressive, reaching a length of in excess of 90 cm; individuals with antlers larger than 140 cm in length have been reported. The antlers have 6 tines, and are strongly pearled. The eye tine is well developed, as it is in the Philippine Sambar. The tines from the backwards-pointing branch of the antlers are considerable smaller than the forwards pointing tines. The Sambar has large eye glands.