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Barasingha Deer Pictures

Here is our collection of Barasingha deer pictures. This collection is going to get larger as the months go by. We love photos and we are going to increase the number of Barasingha deer pictures in this section very soon. Feel free to download any of the Barasingha deer pictures for your personal use. Here is a bit of information on the Barasingha Deer too.

This handsome member of the deer family is also one that was closest to extinction a few decades ago. Although their numbers have now revived, it is still an endangered species and is spread across central and northern India only in small congregations. It is a medium size member of the deer family. Smaller than the Sambar Deer, it weighs in at approximately 180 kgs once fully grown with a height nearing 130 cms . Their famous antlers , by the time they attain adulthood, develop more than 12 points and attain lengths up to 75 cms . Their life expectancy ranges between 20 - 30 years . Although quite similar in appearance, there are three species with their own unique traits. The antlers of the species found in northern India have a shinier and lighter appearance.